Cover Reveal – Bashful Betsy

‘Shy Girls Series’

Betsy is a character that has been with me for a long time. Over the years, she changed, developed, and grew along with my daughters and my oldest granddaughters, before finally coming into her own. 

She now has her own coming of age problems to face, adventures to explore, and plenty of romance to discover! Betsy earned her place of becoming the 1st Short Story in my new ‘Shy Girls Series’.

Bashful Betsy Book Cover

Bashful Betsy (Short Story #1 of the Shy Girls Series)

A Young Adult Romance Series

By D. B. Mauldin


After living a sheltered life, Betsy goes away to College. She succeeds in putting miles between herself and her strict father. To her dismay, Betsy remains shy. Despite her shyness, she develops her first crush. What will Betsy do when her crush shows interest in her and invites her to the Valentine’s Dance? Will Betsy say ‘yes’?

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