G is for Gilraen – #atozchallenge

G is for Gilraen

Gilraen is a young elf living with her family at the North Pole and working for the man himself, Santa Clause. Gilraen is the youngest child in the Culnámo family. The entire Culnámo family works for Santa Clause. They work hard all year and hold a Christmas Festival once Santa Clause returns home on Christmas Eve.

Each year a King, Queen, Prince and Princess are crowned at the Christmas Festival. Gilraen, of course, dreams of being crowned as a Princess.


My short story, “Christmas Festival” appears in The Magical Muse, a collection of Fantasy Stories.

The Magical Muse








Read an excerpt from “Christmas Festival” and find purchasing links for The Magical Muse at: https://authordbmauldin.wordpress.com/christmas-festival/

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