Short Story Sunday

Short Story Sunday

short story sunday zoo rachel poli

The trip had been planned for two weeks; ever since her father had told her he had cancer.

“Dad, before you start chemotherapy and radiation treatments, do you think you would feel like visiting the zoo with us? I want to take Phoenix and I want him to experience you with the gorillas. Do you remember, Dad? When I was little you would always get the gorillas to bang on their chest and put on such a show that a crowd would gather to watch.”

“I remember, sis,” he laughed. “But that was a long time ago. I don’t know if I can do it again. I will go and try though. I think I would enjoy the trip.”

So, four generations visited the zoo. It was a beautiful day, not too hot and a little breezy. When the family walked into the primate house, the gorillas were the first thing they saw. Young Phoenix was amazed. He walked around watching the different species in their habitats.

Dad stood and stared at the gorilla until the gorilla stared back. Dad pounded one hand on his chest. The gorilla pounded one hand on his chest. Dad pounded both hands on his chest. The gorilla did the same.

Dad pounded on his chest with both hands a little harder this time. The gorilla jumped toward the window, pounding his chest with both hands, and made a ruckus of noise.

Debra picked up her grandson so he could see better. They all laughed, which made the gorilla carry on more. He was on a roll now and just like before, a crowd was gathering to watch the show.

Dad stopped pounding his chest and turned away. The gorilla made several attempts to get his attention, but dad ignored him. The gorilla stopped his antics and turned his back to the crowd.

The grandson would carry the memories of the grandmother and her dad.

D.B. Mauldin


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