Short Story Sunday – Addiction

Short Story Sunday – Addiction

Her heart ached as she watched him make the mixture in a spoon, heat it with a lighter, then shoot it into his vein. She didn’t understand. She thought she could still save him.

To save him had been a goal for nearly twenty years now. She couldn’t let him go. The love ran so deep. She had loved him since she first laid eyes on him. To her, he was perfect. She seemed to satisfy his needs for a long time, but she didn’t understand his addiction to the drugs. She didn’t understand, at that time, what the drug was. She knew, though, that she was addicted to him.

She was no longer enough for him. Her love was unwanted. The drug ruled. He turned from her and left. What a hole he left. What a need he left. She spiraled down into a deep dark hole that was worst than any drug addiction could be. Nothing mattered. She tried, but she was broken.

Years later, the drug ran rampant throughout the community. She worked with people and learned exactly what this drug was; what it could do. She wondered about him; Where was he? Was he still alive? Was he still on the drug?

So many questions with no answers. She still loves him. He was her one and only. He always would be. She realized her addiction way too late.

D.B. Mauldin

short story sunday 107 rachel poli


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