Awe – The Daily Post

Awe – The Daily Post

Today’s Daily Prompt is most ‘awe’-inspiring, don’t you think! 🙂

Being a new self-publishing author has put me, very much, in awe of indie authors. Writing is hard enough, but self-publishing can be a nightmare! I am truly in awe of all self-publishing authors.

I am in awe of all authors who perform their own marketing. That has been another hard issue for me; and I’m still learning.

I have to confess that I have an awesome editor that goes above and beyond to help me in all ways. Ingrid Hall, I hold you in awe!

Visit Ingrid at:

Another great lady that designs my book covers, uploads my books for me, and maintains my website is KJ Hawkins! I hold you in awe, KJ Hawkins!

Visit KJ at:

I hold all my readers, followers, fellow authors, and fellow bloggers in awe! I try to visit and read as often as I can. If I haven’t visited you yet, I will soon!

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