Trying To Prove You Are On the Move

Trying To Prove You Are On the Move


Did you know sitting on the couch could be so exhausting? Maybe it is that cake with extra frosting? Chowing that down can be a hard task. You know the cat just has to ask.

Sitting there.
You can stare.
You can swear.
Time to spare.

Couch or chair.
Bland or flair.
You sit and stare,
Without a care.

But it’s rare.
A magic square.
Maybe cat hair.
Say a prayer.

On the chair.
In your lair.
Still on the chair.
There’s a glare.

Dive into it.
A diving fit.
Dive into a new show.
Dive into a task’s new glow.

Spring into action.
Won’t leave you in traction.
Spring into it with the remote.
A new channel gets your vote.

Fly the hell out of there.
Damn, no feathers to spare.
You are kinda stuck.
So you pass the buck.

Fly the coop.
Time to poop.
Hey it rhymed.
You won’t be timed.

Fly, spring, dive.
Got out alive.
Bah, it’s only five.
Follow your drive.

More to spare.
Away you tear.
Going nowhere.
Paying no fare.

Who knew so much can be done with just sitting around. No wonder so much sitting is found. Do you do such things when you sit? Now that is some talented shit. Can dive and spring and fly and drive without leaving your seat. That is so neat. Blame the singing bass. He brought this up to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


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