A Heritage Hate Comes To Date!

A Heritage Hate Comes To Date!


The cat shakes his head at many humans every day. There is always something new at play. Or maybe today that would be old. I guess you can decide as this rhyme takes hold.

My heritage is great.
It is ever so grand.
From the farthest back date,
It is anything but bland.

Your heritage is bad.
Your ancestor did this and that.
That makes me so mad.
You are just a dirty rat.

Yep, I’m a great person.
My ancestors were top notch.
So nothing about me can worsen.
But you need a kick to the crotch.

You can’t be a good person.
Not one single solitary bit.
All you can do is worsen.
Your ancestors were such shit.

Your country invaded mine.
That was just so wrong.
I am still going to whine,
And carry on the hateful song.

It may have been 200 years ago.
But it directly affects me.
It makes my hate grow.
That is all it takes you see.

Yeah, it was your fault too.
Your fault such a thing came due.
You were related to more than a few.
Every word I say is entirely true.

I’ll revel in what came before.
It is my heritage after all.
I can’t just shut the door.
I have to use it to stand tall.

Create a new heritage or way of life?
Pfffft who wants to do that?
I want to sit back and enjoy my strife.
Don’t be some crazy dingbat.

Don’t forget I hate you.
I hate all of your kind.
I’ll turn you black and blue.
What was done 500 years ago is still on my mind.

Pffffffft is all the cat can say. Hating someone for what their heritage is or what their ancestor did is moronic at one’s bay. Unless they are actually as bad as what their ancestor was, but hating just because? I’d say get a grip with the stupid past trip, but most don’t have the capacity to do so. Instead they just hang on to the past at their show. They say you shouldn’t live in the past yet it is something many can’t ever get past. Are you a hater from what one’s ancestor made come to pass? Pffft once more says my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


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