The Lore Of The High Score!

The Lore Of The High Score!


The cat got the high score. Yep, high score for blog posts ahead at my shore. Up to 370 or so as of now. Tomorrow I may beat that and wow. What does that say? Hmm, maybe too much time at my bay.

Look at me.
A high score to see.
I’m the Farmville champ.
Take that you low score tramp.

I got achievements galore.
I don’t know how to use a door,
But my achievement count is really high.
That may not make me very spry.

Although I’m the winner.
You are a sinner.
You didn’t get them all.
Just look at my achievement wall.

I’m the champ of Angry Birds.
That is so great beyond words.
Whoops, I got beat last night.
Time to up the fight.

Look at my Tetris win.
I did all others in.
Do people even play that any more?
Beats me at my shore.

I’ve scored a ton.
Yep, in the way many find fun.
I’ve got the diseases to prove it.
Also I have more offspring than a bit.

Hmm, maybe Tetris should come back in style,
After that one was added to the pile.
Or condoms should be cheaper,
For such a scoring creeper.

I’ve got the fattest cat.
Wowweee, look at that.
I’ve got the most rats.
50,000 to scare away dingbats.

That’s a lot of rat poop.
Must own one big coop.
I’m going for the record you see.
Guinness is going to love me.

Wait! I need to get that extra one.
It may takes 10 hours to get done,
But I need that achievement now,
Then the world I can truly wow.

Aren’t you impressed today? There are so many achievements on display. They could “win a fight against the PC player.” How can that make you a nay sayer? And the Farmville champ? Better than a genie in a magic lamp. Hmmm, maybe the cat doesn’t appreciate such class. I’ll blame being a snip snipped little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


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