Many A Season For A Reason?

Many A Season For A Reason?


The cat is into season 6 now. That is plenty of rhymes to meow. Or would that be type? I guess we can go with either for hype. Hype from that? Yeah, roll your eyes at the cat.

On a roll,
Out for a stroll.
Time ticks away.
Seasons at play.

Did hey diddle diddle,
Seasons in the middle.
Remember that?
Not a repeat cat.

That’s not poppycock.
Nonsense isn’t a shock.
That is here every season.
There is rhyme with no reason.

But seasons change.
That’s not strange?
I heard you say it.
Could be a strange bit.

Seasons can go by 1.
Maybe 10 can be done.
They can go on and on.
20 seasons may even dawn.

Seasons can be televised.
They can be prized.
A prized fight of the season.
No rhyme but there’s reason.

Seasons have a field and court.
Can even give a report.
Seasons have sport.
Care to give that a retort?

Seasons may start dropping.
Some seasons may be flopping.
If down goes the shopping,
Such a season may end up stopping.

A season for mating?
Who needs the dating?
Just have a fling.
That season can spring.

A new season today.
New season at play.
A new season for something new?
Whoops, same old season came due.

Seasons really are more than just seasons. Maybe seasons have reasons? Does that make sense? Are you on the fence? My poppcock has no season. It can always commit treason. There is a season for more than weather. Are you going to enjoy the seasons together? Which season is your favorite in mass? Weather, sports, TV and shopping all come to pass. Some may cause gas. There is no season for when that comes out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


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