A Screwy Change With The Same Range!

A Screwy Change With The Same Range!

Did you see what the cat did there? You soon will at my lair. Change and the same. Wow, today I lit the flame. You sure got that fast. Slowly catching on to my cast. Fast and slow? Wowee, two in a row.

Today we see,
Or tomorrow for thee.
Or maybe yesterday.
Beats me anyway.

Today we missed.
Damn, yesterday got pissed.
Maybe tomorrow will be nice.
Then again it could bring lice.

That advice is grand.
What advice at hand?
Can’t you read between the lines?
Don’t go cursing felines.

The answer is on sale.
It’s 50% off by the pail.
It is off and on.
Damn, is that a con?

I’m hot while cold,
And you are sold.
Sold on it.
Isn’t this confusing shit?

I went over Oxy.
It may no longer be foxy.
Who needs that random order?
Ship that across the walking dead border.

Can’t walk when dead,
Unless zombie type dread.
But can be hot and cold.
Hot on a task while freezing temps take hold.

The cat beat Oxy today.
It’s right here on display.
I think I’ll dub the conundrum too.
Orlismart has now come due.

Get my Orlismart?
Can have a sale at Wal-Mart.
It can be 50% off as well.
Oxy and its act naturally damned me to Hell.

Oxymoron may be after me.
I’m messing with its chi.
Whelmed it may never be.
Bet its saying a big fluck me.

Ready to spread the word of the Orlismart? You don’t need a snip snipped body part. Did you know you can be off and on at the same time? To some that may be a crime. I never knew Oxymoron was so crass. I guess it didn’t like the Orlismart of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


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