Book Review – Queen of the Pine Curtain

Queen of the Pine Curtain

By: Barb Robertson

Queen of the Pine Curtain


Claire’s peculiar grandmother warned her of the family curse but that’s when she was a child and believed in magic, Seventh tribes and Petal people. Not anymore. Claire is a grown woman with adult problems. At twenty five, she’s devastated by a divorce that leaves her feeling unloved and used up. To top it off, she’s mentally unstable and forced to move in with her parents which proves to be a disaster. Memories start to surface which sets off a series of events both harrowing, heartwarming and disturbing. Magic, mayhem and madness collide when Claire faces the demons of her past, her hidden self and the family curse that may or may not exist.

This dark and magical novel delivers a portrait of southern life with wisecracking, moving characters and the discovery of faith in unexpected places. It provides a raw and revealing portrait of mental illness, its creative genius, and its destructive tentacles. Queen of the Pine Curtain is a psychological page turner chock full of family secrets, southern maladies and haunting redemption.


I absolutely adored this book! Author, Barb Robertson, pulled me directly into the story from the start. The characters are relatable; their actions and emotions flowed along lines that I found familiar.

Anyone who has suffered from mental illness, will find Queen of the Pine Curtain to be an accurate portrayal. All daughters will find bits and pieces of poignant truth in Claire’s relationship with her mother.

Author, Barb Robertson, adds plenty of twists, turns, and surprises to the story, making it a thrill to read! I highly recommend it.

D.B. Mauldin


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