Ancient Celtic Magick

Ancient Celtic Magick

Short Story by D.B. Mauldin

“Hello, my dear,” said an elderly man walking from a back room into his store.

Judy stood just inside the doorway to the store. She was dripping wet from the sudden downpour that caught her without an umbrella.

“Hello, I’m sorry for dripping water on your floor,” Judy replied.

“No problem,” the elderly man said while picking up two towels. He brought the towels to Judy. She put one on the floor to soak up the water she had dripped and dried herself with the other.

Judy studied the elderly man who had moved behind the counter. He looked much like an old wizard, without the pointed hat and robes. He had long white hair that was tied back into a long ponytail. He had a long white beard and a white mustache. His face was kindly, his aura was calming, and his smile was warming.

“My name is John,” he said when he caught Judy studying him.

“Nice to meet you John. My name is Judy,” she said holding out her hand.

Judy felt a jolt of positive energy when John took her hand in his.

“What can I do for you today Judy, besides providing dry shelter?”

Judy giggled. She began looking around the store. There were beautiful antiques, artifacts, and books.

“Oh, I do love antiques,” Judy said as she began walking around the store.

“Well, look all you would like. I will be in the back room if you need help,” John said picking up the wet towels and taking them with him.

Judy saw some old artifacts that she remembered her grandmother’s having in their homes. She wanted them all, but chose a few of her favorites; a door stop, a set of cow salt and pepper shakers, a blue glass dairy cow butter dish, and a clear glass sugar dish with a matching cream pitcher.

She saw an antique butter churner and made a note to ask John about it’s price. She moved on to the books that were covered in dust. Judy was astonished to see so many old classics in such good shape. There were some ancient Latin texts and some new best-sellers. Judy chose a book on Ancient Celtic Magick.

As Judy approached the counter, she noticed a little hand bell and gave it a ring. John came out from the back room.

“What is the price on the antique butter churn?”

“Did you ever churn butter, Judy?”

“Yes sir, I did.”

“Then it is yours. You earned it.”

“Oh no, I couldn’t possibly take it for free.”

“Consider it a gift from me to you.”

Judy hesitated. She looked back at the butter churn and then walked over and brought it back to the counter.

“I will accept your gift, John, if you will accept one from me.”


“I’m a writer and set my own hours to work. I would love to come into your store, once or twice a week and clean for you.”

“I accept your offer,” John said as he rung up Judy’s purchases.

“I look forward to your company, Judy.”

“Do you run the store by yourself?”

“Yes. My wife passed ten years ago and we never had children, so I’m by myself now.” John took a second look at the book Judy had purchased.

“A very wise choice,” he said smiling. “If it is ancient Celtic magick that you wish to learn, I can help you.”

Judy smiled. She looked forward to learning from John.



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