“Goodbye Emily” by Michael Murphy

 “Goodbye Emily” by Michael Murphy

Goodbye Emily

I chose this book as my book-of-the-month read on the Baby Boomers Book Club in Goodreads.com. I recommend it to anyone interested in “Woodstock” and the years surrounding August 1969.


Two years after the death of his wife Emily from cancer, a college professor faces his own life-threatening illness, broken-heart syndrome. Adding to his grief, a bean counting administrator has kicked him into early retirement, his daughter is considering a dream job halfway across the county, and his only friend is a pot smoking Vietnam vet stuck in the sixties. The professor plans a road trip to scatter his wife Emily’s ashes where they met at Woodstock. To recreate the original trip they’ll need to bring along a high school buddy who is  in a nursing home with early stage Alzheimer’s. When the home refuses to allow their friend to come along, the professor and the vet bust him out, attracting the attention of the cops and the media, fascinating the public. Good-bye, Emily is a journey of self-discovery for a man who thought he’d left all important journeys in life behind, only to rediscover that life is still groovy after all.


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