“White Wolf Moon” by Mike Grant

What’s the last book that made you spring to your feet, eager to spread the word and tell everyone how much you enjoyed it?

White Wolf Moon by [Grant,Mike]


Jennifer MacAvoy was about to rip the lid off a secret, a secret that Evan Morris had buried forty years earlier. The journalism student needed one last assignment to complete her studies and this interview with the sixties poet/songwriter would prove to be the ultimate challenge. Evan had departed the music scene almost as quickly as he had arrived and she wanted to know why. At first terrified by his demeanor a determined Jennifer gradually peels away the façade.
By sifting through his philosophical banter she unravels his story only to discover that indirectly she is a part of his secret. With her research now overshadowed by a more personal journey Jenn copes with the unnerving realization that she herself has been drawn into his world and heart.
White Wolf Moon is a character-driven story set in Kamloops, British Columbia. Seen through the eyes of both the sixty-something poet/songwriter and the twenty-year-old student it takes a lighthearted approach to the philosophies and realities of days past and present. Containing serious interviews and wonderfully of-the-wall dialogue White Wolf Moon proves that sixty, like the Sixties, is just a state of mind.

Book Review

“White Wolf Moon” by Mike Grant. This book spans decades of emotion, life, love, and music. I felt very close to the characters Mr. Grant created. I cried, laughed, and sang right along with them. A well-written novel. I would recommend to all readers over 20. I don’t think anyone younger would appreciate the music or the times, but there may be a few.

You can read more about Mike Grant and his book “White Wolf Moon” at: http://grafixpblog.wordpress.com/


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