Christmas Festival

YA Fantasy & Coming of Age Short Story 

Featured in: The Magical Muse: A Collection of Fantasy Stories

Authored by: KJ Hawkins, Allison D. Reid, D.B. Mauldin, Alexis Lantgen, Andrea R. Cooper, George L. Duncan, Oz Durose, Matthew Frassetti, Brendan Carroll and Khushi Agarwal

The Magical Muse

Sneak Peek

Santa asked the band to please take the stage and invited everyone to dance. He reminded them to vote for their ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ and for their ‘Prince’ and ‘Princess’. As the elves danced, some would wander off to the voting box and make their votes.

Before long, the dancing came to an end. Santa reminded everyone this was their last chance to get their vote in. There was more eating and conversing while the band rested and everyone finished their votes.

Gilraen and her friends huddled together wondering who would be chosen for ‘Prince’ and ‘Princess’.

“I voted for you, Tarí,” Gilraen whispered in her friend’s ear.

“Oh, Gilraen, you shouldn’t have. I voted for Eámanë,” Tarí whispered back.

“Well, personally, I think we all look gorgeous,” said Lúthien

The four girls held hands as Santa took the stage again. Gilraen felt butterflies in her stomach.

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