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August Theme: TALES

Thursday, August 11, 2016
If you have a partner, did you find it difficult to learn his or her family lore?

Talkative Husband

My husband loves to talk, so no, it was not difficult to learn his family lore. He was already retired from the U. S. Army when we met and he has lots of stories from his time spent in Germany and Alaska.

One family lore story he tells often is how he dropped his niece when she was a baby. His brother is ten years older than him, so my husband was around twelve-years-old when his niece was born.

The story he tells is that she was only a few months old and he was holding her out on the carport. She managed to wriggle out of his arms and hit the concrete. He took off running, thinking he had killed the baby. Luckily, babies are resilient and she wasn’t hurt at all.

It took my husband sometime to realize that she was really okay. His father found him a couple of blocks away and tried to calm him down. When he was able to see with his own eyes that she wasn’t hurt, or dead, he was thankful.

He still teases her today, telling her she is a little off because he dropped her on her head when she was a baby.


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